Apple Touch Bar: The Reason You Should Be Excited About It


The Mac has been around for a while now, but it’s never quite felt like home to me. That’s because I’m a Windows user who loves using Apple products. But the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro is changing all that! The Touch Bar is an innovative new interface for your Mac and it will revolutionize how you work with your computer.

In this post, we’ll explore everything about Apple Touch Bar and there feature so you can decide if it’s right for you or not.

What is the Touch Bar?

The Touch Bar is a small touch screen that appears on the bottom of your Mac keyboard, and it gives you access to all sorts of new features. It’s like having an extra row of function keys on your keyboard except this row doesn’t take up any room on your screen or in front of you.

The Touch Bar works similarly to how Apple’s iOS software works: It allows users to customize their experience with easy-to-access buttons and controls for different apps or functions within those apps.

For example, if you’re working on an image editing document in Photoshop CC 2018 (which comes preinstalled with macOS High Sierra), clicking on “Edit” will open up its own menu bar at the top right corner of your display where additional tools can be accessed directly from there rather than having them appear when pressing down on any one specific button in another window like they do now.

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Advantages of the Touch Bar:

The Touch Bar is a new interface for the Mac. It’s easier to use, and it makes working with multiple windows easier than ever before. You can customize it in ways you couldn’t before, too and that’s why the Apple Store has been sold out of them since they were announced at WWDC 2019.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Touch Bar works on your computer, check out our article: “What Is the Touch Bar?”

It’s a new interface for the Mac

The Touch Bar is a new interface for the Mac. It replaces the function keys on your MacBook Pro, which can be used to control many different applications.

The Apple Touch Bar is a touchscreen with touch-sensitive controls that appear when you press down on it. You can access these controls by tapping anywhere on it or by pressing one of its buttons (like Escape). This allows you to use your computer in ways that are more intuitive and easier for people who have special needs or who prefer not having multiple keyboards attached to their laptops!

It’s easier to use

The Touch Bar is a great example of Apple making things easier for the user. It’s more intuitive to use, and because it’s touch-based, you don’t need to worry about accidentally navigating the menu options with your mouse.

The Touch ID sensor is also a nice addition that makes logging into your account even faster than before—you can simply rest your finger on the sensor while typing in your password without having to unlock your phone first! This means less time wasted looking at numbers on screens and more time spent doing what matters most: using apps!

It makes it easier to work with multiple windows

The Touch Bar can be used to switch between windows, resize and move them. You can also change the position of the window on your desktop or drag it up or down. This is useful for when you want to see two things at once, but don’t want them in front of each other (like if one was always showing an image from Instagram).

The Touch Bar allows you to close any open app by simply pressing on its icon on the bottom row of icons; instead of having to go through all those extra steps every time!

You can customize it in ways you couldn’t before

The Touch Bar is a versatile tool that you can customize in ways you couldn’t before. It’s not just for showing off your favorite apps or making quick adjustments to the shortcuts you use every day—you can add buttons, sliders and other controls to it as well. You can even use it to show live information like weather conditions or the current time—and if you have an Apple Watch nearby, those alerts will appear onscreen along with whatever else is happening in your computer.

But perhaps most importantly: The Touch Bar gives users access to more information than ever before when they need it most (like while they’re browsing webpages). For example, if someone visits one of our articles through Safari on MacOS Mojave High Sierra 10/11/12 then he’ll see something like this at the top right corner:

Disadvantages of the Touch Bar:

While there are undoubtedly many advantages to Apple’s Touch Bar, there are also some disadvantages that users should be aware of. Here are a few:

Limited Usefulness for Certain Apps

The Touch Bar is most useful for apps specifically designed to take advantage of it, such as Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, and Logic Pro X. However, for other apps, the Touch Bar may not be instrumental or may not even be supported at all. This means that users may get less value from the Touch Bar than they had hoped, depending on the apps they use most frequently.

Potential for Distraction

While the Touch Bar can be useful for increasing productivity, it can also be a potential distraction for some users. Because the Touch Bar is located directly above the keyboard, users may be tempted to look down at it instead of the screen, which could lead to mistakes or loss of focus.

Learning Curve for Traditional Function Key Users

For users who are used to traditional function keys, the Touch Bar may take some time. The Touch Bar replaces the physical function keys with a digital interface, meaning users may need to relearn how to access certain functions or commands.

Limitations for Certain Tasks

While the Touch Bar can be a valuable tool for many tasks, some tasks may need to be better suited. For example, jobs that require precise mouse movements or keyboard inputs may not be improved by the Touch Bar and may be hindered by it.

Potential for Increased Cost

Because the Touch Bar is only available on specific MacBook models, users who want to take advantage of it may need to pay a premium for a new laptop. That could be a significant investment for some users, especially if they don’t have a specific need for the Touch Bar.

The Touch Bar might not be very useful to you

If your main use for the Apple Touch Bar is to navigate through apps and perform basic tasks, then it will probably feel like a waste of space on your MacBook Pro. This is because the Touch Bar doesn’t have as many options as other mice or trackpads. For example, if you need split-screen multitasking with two apps open at once (like Slack), then there’s no way around having two keyboards plugged into your computer—one for each app! Or if you want faster typing speed than what Apple provides by default (which is quite good), then getting an external keyboard solution such as Logitech K812 would be necessary.

The lack of flexibility in this area means that if all else fails (and let’s face it: accidents happen), then someone else has to fix whatever went wrong before they can get back into work mode again! However.

The Future of the Touch Bar:

The Apple Touch Bar is just the beginning of a new era in computing. We’ve seen this with Apple’s iPad Pro and its touch-enabled screen, which has been revolutionary for how people interact with computers and their apps. With the Touch Bar coming to Macs in 2018—and likely other products down the line it will be even more powerful than before. In fact, there are some pretty cool things we can expect from this future:

  • The ability to use a keyboard when you don’t want one (like when typing out an email instead of doing it on your phone). This means that you won’t have to constantly switch between devices anymore!
  • The ability for users who don’t want touch screens but still need access to apps like Microsoft Word or Google Drive through their computers should now have an easier way of getting around without holding up traffic while waiting for them all over again every time someone needs something done today…or tomorrow…or whenever else!

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The Touch Bar is a new interface on your computer you should know about.

The Touch Bar is a new interface on your computer you should know about. It’s a miniaturized version of the function keys on your keyboard, and only available on the MacBook Pro with Apple Touch Bar currently.

The Touch Bar isn’t just for controlling apps and functions—it also lets you adjust volume, change system settings, search through files and folders, access frequently used apps like Photos or Safari; scroll through documents; switch between applications; launch Siri from within other apps!


Apple has done a great job with the Apple Touch Bar, and I’m excited to see how you will use it on your next Mac. If you’re looking for a new way to work or just want an upgrade in general, then this could be right up your alley.

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